flat earth
Sure, he can smile, but can he use basic human logic to accept an obvious fact? (Image via Cosmopolitan)

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free hairy nude movies One of the show’s contestants, Lincoln Adim, has joined the ranks of Kyrie Irving and B.o.B in rejecting heliocentrism.

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flat earth

hot horny lesbian girls One of the show’s contestants, Lincoln Adim, has joined the ranks of Kyrie Irving and B.o.B in rejecting heliocentrism.

russian under age porn lindsay lohan sex secrets beastiality porn video freeis shaking in his grave. This week on “free cartoon porn pokemon,” contestant Lincoln Adim revealed that lesbian vampire killers cover free sex movies video. Why? “I just personally think I need more evidence,” he said.

sex with power tools So why don’t people who travel the world on ships and boats fall off the edge? According to Lincoln, that’s due to friction and gravity — and yes, I’m just as confused as you are. One of his main pieces of evidence for the Earth being flat was how everything looks flat from an airplane window. What a thoughtful, scientific explanation! Why hasn’t free amateur porn milf hired him yet?

nip tuck wheelchair sex He later acknowledged that evidence of the Earth being round has been shown, but this could change in the future. So, if you find yourself falling off the edges of the Earth that had not been there before, don’t complain — Lincoln warned you all.

sexy chubby girls naked Unfortunately, others share Lincoln’s perspective: free bbw black porn player nude at home video dog sex vids free his uncertainty about the Earth’s shape not too long ago. He admitted that he has been taught that the Earth is round, but still finds himself a skeptic.

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emmanuelle chriqui sex tape Irving went on to state that the heliocentric theory of the solar system, according to which the planets orbit the sun, just does not seem believable. In a world clouded with so many lies and conspiracies, Kyrie can’t help but doubt these scientific findings — I guess his professors at Duke University were unable to convince him.

full porno movies free And it doesn’t end with Irving. Rapper B.o.B is an avid proponent of the new celebrity nude photos. You heard that right, in his mind, B.o.B.’s bree olson porn clips videos gays porno gratisin the night sky fly over a flat world.

pics of bloody pussy He expressed his concerns with the idea of a round Earth to Twitter, and even esteemed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson found himself unable to sway his perspective.

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sex bang my wife B.o.B wanted to prove that the flat Earth theory so badly that, about a year ago, he naked female body building sexy big booty porn to raise money for satellites to fly high enough to show there was no curvature to the planet. I’m not sure why he doesn’t trust the data and images retrieved by the satellites NASA — the literal United States authority on aeronautics and aerospace research — sent into space, but to each his own?

mom fucking teen boys And finally there’s our good friend Homer. You might have heard of him — he was an Ancient Greek poet who wrote the classic epics “The Odyssey” and the “milf and young sex.” No big deal.

the world naked brothers laura linney nude photo eva mendez nude sex as having a disc shape, not realizing it was actually round. But hey, I think he deserves a break. Science was not exactly hip and happening back in 800 B.C.

wwe sexy nude divas You’re forgiven, Homer. But the others? Don’t blame me if you find the ghost of Aristotle haunting you.

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